Frozen Geek Technology Blog


My name is Michał Krzysztofowicz and this is my attempt at running a technology blog.

The main motivation to start another technology blog is to document all sorts of issues I come across while running my servers, Internet services, networks and developing software. This blog will then be a kind of my notepad, although I will make the effort to ensure all information here is correct, all solutions tested all articles polished.

This is also my way of giving back to the community – who knows, maybe some of the things I do will be useful for other people.

As a side note, I have another blog: Antarctic Adventures of a Frozen Geek, which I’ve been running while I was wintering at Halley Research Station, Antarctica.

I’d love to get your feedback. So if you’ve found an error, a wrong information I gave, or would simply like to say hi, please get in touch with me by using the form below or in the comments section of any of the articles!

Thank you for visiting!

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