Network settings for OpenBSD system hosted at OVH

I rent a physical server at OVH’s daughter company SoYouStart, and use it to run VMware vSphere/ESXi 6.0 on it, with a number of OpenBSD Virtual Machines (one of which hosts this blog). It took me a while to figure out the correct way of configuring the network settings on my OpenBSD VMs, as their network setup is somewhat unorthodox.

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Roundcube Webmail on OpenBSD 5.9

I’ve just upgraded a few of my VMs to OpenBSD 5.9 from 5.8. For the most part the migration went very smoothly, and I was able to run it over a very slow satellite link with an actual downtime per VM not exceeding 10-15 minutes, by which time all services were back up and running. Pretty slick! One thing I did struggle with though was the Roundcube Webmail client.

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How to download VMware ESXi Client if you’re on a slow link

A couple of days ago I’ve had a little bit of an issue with my installation of the OSX on my trusty 2010 MacBook Pro. Generally, my Mac has hanged and the screen went all funny, and the only way for me to get it working again was to do a reboot. After that all came up fine, but Safari started misbehaving and nothing I could think of, including clearing caches, preferences, history, etc. was helping. Continue reading

Database migration from MySQL 5.1 to MariaDB 10 on OpenBSD

Recently I have been on somewhat of a quest to bring as many of my Virtual Machines and servers to a current version of the Operating System as possible, and one of those servers is a small OpenBSD Virtual Machine used as a Database server for various web services. The challenge I faced was how to migrate data from the fairly old version of MySQL (5.1) to the current release of MariaDB (10), in as simple a way as I can.

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OpenSMTPD, spamd, SpamAssassin and Dovecot on OpenBSD – part 1

I have been running my own email server for as long as I remember. I guess I don’t like to rely on third parties for my email, so options like Google’s GMail or Apple’s iCloud are really not for me. I have recently migrated my email from an old system to a new one, and I’d like to document the new setup while it’s still fresh in my mind and thus share my experience with the community.

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